Rubber Stamp Product Page

Welcome to our product page for information about our rubber stamps.

Here we will show you what all of our stamps look like when they arrive on your doorstep.

Each of our stamps are deeply etched red rubber and already have thick gray EZ mount foam attached to the back. They are also untrimmed, but once you trim the excess rubber, they are ready to use with your acrylic blocks.

All of our individual stamps are packed in a 4 x 6 clear bag (stamp sets are packed in a 5 x 7 clear bag) with a paper insert containing all the information about the stamp inside the package…

(front view of packaging)

(stamp in packaging, untrimmed)

After opening your package, you will see that our stamps are deeply etched and already mounted on thick gray EZ mount foam. Before stamping with your new Whimsy Stamps product, you will need to trim off the excess rubber around the image….

(deeply etched red rubber stamp trimmed, leaving about a 1/4 of an inch of extra rubber around the image and cut in straight lines)

Now you are ready to attach your stamp to your acrylic block (not included). To do this just stick the back of your stamp, EZ mounted side, directly to the acrylic block….

(side view of stamp clinging to the acrylic block)

(view of stamp clinging to the block)

Now you just need to add ink to your stamp and start stamping! If you have any questions about your new Whimsy Stamps product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy stamping!



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